business conversation

Actually, my idea is not to start a bakery but a baking retreat center, like springwater but with even less formality. The idea being for small groups to come to learn how to bake their own bread for a day or weekend, while also providing the opportunity to sit quietly in nature as the dough rises. I don't expect to make any profit from it, though it'd be nice if possible.

if you can talk and correspond with me you are on autistic spectrum for sure and any business you do wants to have minimal contact with people !

Interacting with the public is tiresome for me; I'm much better with one-on-one and small group situations. Whether that's autistic spectrum or not, I don't know. I do better in focused individual activities, though I don't want to be completely isolated.

there's heaps of room for an effective advertiser on the net, it's not being done properly at all at the moment,

Well, that's the problem – it seems that in the web programming world, the major opportunities are around advertising and collecting more information about people in order to con them better. It may be lucrative, but it's unfulfilling. I don't see a way to do it that isn't manipulative and eventually quite evil.

to do well financially in life you need to find an area that you are effortlessly able in, otherwise you will just muddle along !

I'm not worried about getting rich. If it's possible to do more programming for hire, that might be fine (and it is something that comes easily to me). If I can end up building furniture for money, that might be fine, too. Or baking? Who knows?