the silence drowned out by garbage

just thinking how tiring it is to converse with crazy people on the internet. participating means getting dragged into some kind of hell. then i remember that years ago, i used to frequent a bass guitar forum, before realizing it's a waste of time to talk so much about playing an instrument. just get out and play.

nowadays, the cacophony leads me to retreat. yet here i am in a coffee shop, intending to catch up on my Gospel of Thomas writing, but not a sense-gap can arise over the music blasting in my ear, pouring emotion and beep-boops at me, while the people nearby speak of important deals and technological innovation.

looking up, what an amazingly clear sky! the sun having set, soon a crisp, moonless sky will strike unease in me when i return home, to a quiet spot.

how could all this compare to the sky at twilight? a cruel joke.